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DBB4129-BKTK Bottom Bracket

BB86 - BB89.5 - BB102
Press Fit Double Rolls
Premium Bearings
Part Number: DBB4129-BKTK
Availability: In Stock.
The BB86R386 bottom bracket solves the problem facing riders who have BB86 frames, which were designed around 24 mm cranks, but have BB386 cranks with 30 mm axles. Although there is enough room for small bearings, we realise that a single row of balls isn’t enough to ensure durability, which is why we added a second row on each side to help distribute the weight over a greater area.

To keep this bottom bracket running smoothly even after a wet day on the road, we also use high quality seals to keep out the water. Since the bearings sit directly on the frame, we take care to carefully machine the cups so they fit perfectly. The bearings themselves sit directly on the crank axle to help to decrease premature wear. This bottom bracket uses Premium bearings that run extremely smoothly for lower resistance.

This bottom bracket is a great solution for riders looking for a long-lasting bottom bracket that fits a BB86 frame but who uses cranks with 30 mm axles.

Frame Type BB86 (41x86.5mm)
BB89.5 / BB92 (41x89.5 / 92mm)
Crank Type DUB (29mm)
Bearing Type Premium
Colours Black
Weight 90 g / set

Premium Bearings

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