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DBB4130S-BKTK Bottom Bracket

BB86 - BB89.5 - BB100
BB386/BB392 Crank
Press Fit
SPB Bearings
Part Number: DBB4130S-BKTK
Availability: In Stock.
THM is a European business in ultra-high technology manufacturing. Thomas and Petra Mertin founded the firm in 1996 in Alt Duvenstedt, northern Germany. An aerospace engineer by profession, Thomas found a niche for special-purpose high-grade carbon fiber components in the sports and leisure sector.

The breakthrough into the cycle industry came when THM designed and made the world's lightest cranks and fork, ridden and proved by the Deutsche Telekom pro team. These products, designated THM-Carbones, were acclaimed as the finest available for sporting bicycles.

 In order to get the best riding performance, THM decided to cooperate BB with TOKEN, and developed unique Double-Rolls Stainless BB for BB86/BB92 standard.

Frame Type BB86 (41x86.5mm)
BB89.5 / BB92 (41x89.5 / 92mm)
Crank Type BB386 (30mm)
Colours Silver
Weight 78 g / set
Product Code BB4130S


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