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Multi Function Box

PF Saviour - DBBPF71-BKTK

BB86, BB89.5,BB92,BB30,PF30
Press Fit, Ninja, Threaded
Premium Bearings
Part Number: DBBPF71-BKTK
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To make the Press-Fit BB a tough bottom bracket, we use the best materials. This means the shell is made from a combination of fibre and plastic. This allows us to machine it precisely and allows it to fit precisely in the frame and eliminate squeaks. It also provides a stable platform for the bearings and gives them a longer lifespan.

In order to make this bottom bracket even more durable we use our patented X-Seals to keep moisture out while keeping drag to a minimum. It also includes a tube that further enhances water repellence. And since these bottom brackets are hand-assembled, we can be sure that only the most precisely made bottom brackets are ever packaged and sold. Sure, it's a lot of effort but details matter.

Frame Type PF30 (46x68 / 73mm)
BB386 (30mm)
Crank Type Shimano (24mm)
SRAM GXP (24-22mm)
BB30 (30mm)
BB386 (30mm)
Bearing Type Premium
Colours Black

X-SealX-SealPremium Bearings